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Mount Jested is a well-known place in the Czechia. Do you know Moravian Amazonia? Discover new places to visit!

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City of the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic, heart of Europe

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We are creating a great place for people interested in traveling in the Czech Republic. Tripu.cz is based on what we love, travel. Create groups, plan events and have fun.

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We are a group of travelers who have come together to create a Czech community of people. Here everyone can write real travel experiences in the Czech Republic and add tips on unique places. It is easy to meet new friends here.

We want to share information on how to travel environmentally and responsibly. We are convinced that together we can influence positive changes and contribute to sustainable travel in the Czech Republic.

We are it for travel bloggers. Small travel blogs simply cannot keep up with search engine optimization like big sites. Many of you turn to social networks, but they are primarily used only to discover new posts, not to search for interesting places or tips for trips and vacations.

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Go on a new adventure and write about it on Tripu.cz. We are all travelers. Come and join us to get access to a growing community of like-minded people!

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