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We provide advice, information and inspiration to visitors planning a holiday or trip in the Czech Republic. Through Tripu.cz, potential visitors will be able to learn about the diversity of what the Czech Republic has to offer and how to make their visit a fantastic experience.

We are a group of travelers who have come together to build a Czech travel community. There are a huge number of people looking for real experiences and need a place to find quality, independent recommendations.

Tripu.cz is not just another travel guide with articles by travel agents. It's an innovative platform that allows each of us to become the author of our own travel stories, whatever our level of experience or writing ability.

We want to share information on how to travel environmentally and responsibly. We are convinced that together we can influence positive changes and contribute to sustainable travel in the Czech Republic.

We are it for travel bloggers. You no longer have to be a professional traveler or an experienced writer to share your travel impressions. The platform is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for everyone. On Tripu.cz you can write your stories and share them with a community of people with the same passion for travel. We also want to be a place where people can feel valued and where they can develop their careers.

What makes Tripu.cz so unique?

Ease of use. Users can easily create their travel stories using an intuitive editor that allows them to add photos, videos, tips and personal reflections. This allows Tripu.cz readers to experience the journey through the eyes and thoughts of a traveler. 
The platform is also fully responsive, meaning you can post your stories and view them on any device, from computer to smartphone.

Another benefit is the community aspect - Tripu.cz Groups.

Forming groups opens the door to a world of adventure and shared experiences. Tripu.cz groups bring people together with a love of exploring new places and adventures. They provide a space for sharing, allowing Tripu.cz members to plan their trips better and discover interesting places. In addition, they create a community that supports and inspires each other, and allows the exchange of travel stories, photos and recommendations, thus fostering a passion for travel and strengthening connections between people with similar interests. Connect with people with similar interests.

Users can browse other travelers' stories, follow their favorite authors, and interact with them through groups, comments, and sharing. This creates an environment of mutual support and inspiration that is so important for travel.

The Tripu.cz platform is also a great source of information for those looking for inspiration for trips and holidays.
Users can browse stories by topic or personal interest, allowing them to discover new places and activities they might otherwise have overlooked.

There is no doubt that Tripu.cz is changing the way people view and share their travel experiences. Tripu.cz gives everyone a voice and allows us to discover the Czech Republic through different perspectives.

We will provide you with the means to share your stories with others and inspire them to discover the Czech Republic. Join us and gain access to a rapidly growing community of like-minded people.