We appreciate help with removing inappropriate content from groups. All users can report inappropriate content or spam directly from a group. 

To report a group conversation or comment, click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the comment or conversation box. Click "Report this post".

We encourage members to post content that is relevant and unique to the group. If members post the same content in different groups, the post may be automatically marked as spam and not displayed to group members.

If you report another group member's content, that member will not be notified that you have reported it and you will no longer see the reported content in the group's activity. If the reported content violates our terms, we may review it and take further action.

If you are the founder or administrator of a group, you do not have the option to report content because you can immediately remove the conversation or comment. You can also remove or block a group member, which will automatically remove all their posts in the group.