The new philosophy of sustainable and responsible travel brings many benefits not only for the environment, but also for local people and travellers themselves.

Sustainable and responsible travel "Travel Sustainable" is of great importance. Find out what responsible travel means and how you can plan and enjoy your trip.

Responsible Travel considers the wider impact your trip could have, not just on the Czech Republic. Consider visiting at less popular times of the year and discover off the beaten track places on

One of the most significant benefits of sustainable tourism is environmental protection. Trying to minimize the negative impacts of travel on the Czech Republic's nature and landscape helps to protect biodiversity, clean water and air. Sustainable tourism also brings benefits to local people. Supporting local businesses, markets and artisans helps strengthen the Czech economy.

Sustainable tourism also emphasises the protection of the Czech Republic's cultural and historical heritage. The promotion of traditional crafts, cultural events and the preservation of historical monuments provides travellers with enriching experiences.

Investing in sustainable tourism helps the Czech Republic to build its reputation internationally. Interest in environmentally friendly destinations is growing, and the Czech Republic's approach is making it an attractive destination for travellers who want to travel responsibly and with respect for the environment.

The Czech Republic is home to many sights and places that are really popular. If you want to visit them, consider travelling in the quieter months of spring and autumn. The weather is more changeable, but there are many activities to enjoy.

If you plan to visit the Czech Republic in the summer, consider visiting some of the lesser-known places. has plenty of tips for off the beaten track places that will give you an amazing experience.